A free, 3D printable Meta Quest 3 stand

April 22, 2024

A vertical, 3D printable Meta Quest 3 stand sitting on an oak desk with a monitor in the background

People were really kind and seemed to enjoy my 3D printable Apple Vision Pro stand, a stand I designed in Fusion 360 with the goal of being visually appealing and compact as it stored the headset vertically so it wouldn’t take up too much space on your desk.

Turns out there were quite a few folks requesting a similar style stand for their Meta Quest 3 so this weekend I set aside a bit of time to design such a variation, and I’m really happy with how it came out.

Download link. It’s completely free to download, and consider giving it a boost by clicking the little purple rocket! It’s like when YouTubers ask you for a like, except in this case boosts give me a small credit toward a 3D printing accessory I’ve had my eyes on.

Changes versus Vision Pro stand

The Meta Quest 3 stand beside the Vision Pro stand, both holding their devices, on an oak desk with a monitor.

The Meta Quest 3 has quite a few differences versus the Vision Pro so I redesigned the stand in some significant ways to better match the headset:

  • Spots for docking your controllers in the base. This both acts as a counterweight as the stand no longer has a need for a battery slot like the Vision Pro stand, and serves as a handy place to set your controllers. Set them down and they settle into the carved out grooves very satisfyingly
  • Top “pringle” that the headset rests on is slightly tweaked in width and height/amplitude to better nestle the Quest 3
  • So as to easily differentiate it form the Vision Pro stand if you have both side by side, I added a subtle design on the top pringle mimicking the Meta Quest 3’s front sensor array. Fun fact: it’s the exact same size and spacing!
  • Moved dowel/rod more toward center of stand, which allows for better compatibility with the Quest’s headband style
  • Removed cable organizer as there are no cables to organize!

As before, you can use any kind of 3/4" (18.5mm) dowel to add a splash of customizability, from walnut to maple to copper to steel, or the download also just includes a 3D printable dowel.

Hope you enjoy it! It’s a lot of fun learning Fusion 360, haha. The base’s size is unchanged from the Vision Pro’s and the pringle is very similar, so if you’re fortunate enough to have both a Vision Pro and Quest 3 both stands should look very nice next to each other.