My little Apple Vision Pro stand

February 19, 2024

Three-quarter shot of the Vision Pro stand showing the Vision Pro standing vertically on a stand with a Pringle chip style top that it rests on, connected to the base with a walnut dowel, with the base holding the battery with an organizer for the cable

I want somewhere to put my Vision Pro when not in use. Many people use the original box, and there’s beautiful stands that exist out there, but I was looking for something more compact and vertical so it would take up less room on my desk.

So I opened Fusion 360 (which I am still very much learning), grabbed my calipers, and set out to design a little stand. There was interest when I showed the first version, so I set out to tidying it up a bit before making it available. Mainly the rod going up to the pringle part was a bit weak, so I ended up beefing up the diameter to 3/4". This also now means you can either 3D print the rod, or pick up a bespoke 3/4" rod of your own in a cool material, like walnut, maple, brass, steel, copper, etc. for pretty cheap from Home Depot or Amazon that is 215 mm in length. Then just use some superglue to bind them.

Anywho, I quite like the end result, it’s compact, seems pretty secure, holds the battery and has a spot for the cable and rubber feet. Mine is printed in marble PLA with a $3 walnut dowel. It’s designed around my 23W light seal, I admittedly don’t know how it works with other sizes.

Close up shot of the bottom of the stand holding a battery and having an area to keep the cables tidy

You can download it on MakerWorld, I like them because I can send the designs to my Bambu printer really easily, and they give free filament with enough downloads, haha. You can also download just the top pringle if you want a lens shield for your bag or something. If you really like the design please give it a Boost on Makerworld too!

For a period of time, if you say the promo code “free free free for me me me” to your computer, the download will be available for free.

I’m unfortunately not assembling/selling this myself, but if you don’t have a 3D printer (I quite like my Bambu P1S, if you’re looking for a suggestion), lots of local libraries have 3D printers nowadays, or you can submit it to sites like PCBWay to have them make it for you. I don’t quite have the expertise/time to manufacture and sell this myself for folks without a 3D printer, but if you the reader would like to on Etsy or something, go for it! (Just maybe link credit back, and if you make a bunch of money donate some to your local animal shelter and I’d be stoked.)